Tuesday, February 23, 2010

worthless words

so. i havent been posting to facebook like. ever.. and i'm not twittering so much... but my thoughts havent gone away. so as a quick lil update, i'mma use this blog that no one reads. :) genius, right? and because i bet no one is going to read it, i'm not even bothering to edit what i write. it's thoughts to words to the world. no mediator. mkay? cool. anyways. i have new friends that my normal friends dont really know about. first, there's cece from florida. she's cute. i talk to her a bunch. in fact, i (calls #3282... waits...) have sent/ recieved nearly 4000 text messages so far this month. probably about 95% of which were to/ from her.. next, theres margaret. she lives in washington (the big one. not the important one). she is also super cool. we talk about all kinds of fun things. like strawberries, harry potter spells, tv shows, and other things. sounds boring. but i swear our conversations rock. she got me to start watching a scifi series about space cowboys called firefly. it's actually really good. i'd recommend it to anyone who needs something to do. and in return, i got her to agree to read my favorite series of books. (genesis of shannara by terry brooks... the first book is armegeddon's children. read it.)... next cool friend that my normal friends dont really know about is kait from school. i dont really have anything interesting to say about her... but she's cool. uhhh... valentines day happened. and the thursday before valentines day, my teacher commented that people either love or hate valentines day. there is no in between. well, this year, i think i found the in between. despite the fact that i am single and dont foresee that changing any time soon, i had a decent v-day. i decided i'd try to salvage it by informally asking cece to be my valentine. we had a skype date. we watched up. and it was good. much better than moping like most single people do on v-day at least. right?... what else has happened to me that no one cares about?. i procrastinated and wrote a 3 page paper the two hours before it was due. (skipping another class to do so)... i havent received the grade for it back yet. but i'm sure the grade will reflect the effort i put into it. i ought to fix the way i do my school work... whatever. right now, i'm sitting on a computer at school with nothing to do. facebook is boring as usual. twitter is calm... i dont have any lunch today. nor did i eat breakfast. so i'm hungry... shoutout to heather cuz she's probably the only person who is going to even maybe read this... okay. well. i'm done saying nothing now. i cant think of any other useless information i can cram into such a worthless blog post. 2tls

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