Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disregard females; aquire currency

I want to write a kajillion zillion things right now. I have a lot on my mind right now. Let me begin by simply explaining my day. I got up really early to drive to school. I was warned that 271 was supposed to be icy. So, like a smart driver and a wise student, I departed half an hour early leaving myself with time for flexibility. Well, I got there in decent time. in fact, I was there an hour before my test. (I should mention I only had 1 test, and it was the last of my exams.) The exam was simple. Then I drove home.

Once home, I decided I wanted to do something. Let's go to the mall! Okay! First I had to pick up money. I went to meet my dad at the retirement home (where my grandfather has been living since he was diagnosed with a terminal something or another.) While I was there, I of course saw him. I was actually kind of surprised at how alert and lucid he was, but that's only because right now, I am living with my other grandfather (I call this one Papa) who has some really bad Alzheimer's. Like even though I see him on a daily basis, he often (usually) forgets my name. He's also to the point where he can no longer move himself without help. We have to lift all of his weight from his chair to his wheelchair (usually with the assistance of a hoyer lift) then into his bed. I will spare you some of the less appealing details, but just know that it's bad.

Anyways. Sorry for getting off topic there. Old people. Sheesh. Umm. Oh yeah- Money. So I visited my grandfather, got my money (which I'd like to point out was not a gift or an allowance. I earned the money painting a house. Fair and square.) and departed for Heather's house. Heather, Johnny, and I went to the mall. I should have looked for gifts for people on my list, but Christmas just seems like a distant worry, so I ended up buying nothing. Well, not nothing. I did buy some tasty Asian food.

While I was in the food court eating my tasty yumyums, I got a call from my bff from school, Kate. I answered a little confused. This is the time that normally her and I would have class together, but there was no final exam, therefore, I was not there. She was stuck at the school for the length of the would-be class. I felt a little guilty for not being there to keep her company, but I decided ultimately there wasn't much I could do beyond texting her. (guess what I forgot to do... so yeah. I feel kinda guilty for that, but I was busy, right? Is that an excuse to virtually abandon a friend?)

I got off the phone, finished eating my yumyums, then heather and I decided to get Hayley and eat ice cream (Johnny had other plans for the evening. Something about seeing Boondock Saints 2 for the third time. Sorry, but 2 times was enough for me.) So, we left the mall, picked up Hayley, went to Giant Eagle, and bought a 5 qt. tub of ice cream. Before you freak out, relax, we didn't finish the thing; we barely even put a dent in it. Then, we went to drop off Johnny. After that, we went back to Heather's house where we began our ice cream. After like 10 minutes, we got too full to eat any more and tried to think of something else to do to entertain ourselves. I nominated ice skating, but it was way too cold for that. We were having such trouble that we just got in the car and left with no plan of where we were going. We stopped at Ben's house to recruit him into our planless shenanigans hoping he might help offer some structure and/or fun company.

We headed toward downtown, and on the way, I put some gas in my tank. I saw Caribou, and decided we would take refuge within its warm coffee scented interior... So we chilled there for a while. I think we were there until it closed- or was closing; I don't know, but we then ventured BACK to Heather's house, only this time with a plan! We decided to watch one of my favorite movies of all time (500) Days of Summer. How we got it is irrelevant (I promise it wasn't illegal though) Of course the movie was freaking awesome, but it was the company that made it so enjoyable this time. After that I drove people home. Then I got home and went on the computer for a while. Now I'm blogging.

So, now that I've explained all that in the lengthiest way possible, I'm going to share some of my thoughts. Firstly, I expected today to be nothing above average. I assumed it would actually be relatively boring, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered otherwise. Second, I love my friends. Each and every one of them, new or old, makes me happy. Third, I love Taylor Swift (unrelated, but completely relevant). Fourth, numbering thoughts makes me sound like a D-bag. I have other thoughts, but due to the immense and wide ranging publicity of this blog (lol), I've decided to keep those thoughts to myself (or share them secretly with the few friends I consider privileged enough)

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